What is the sand blasting?

Sand blasting is using compressed air as the power, in order to form high speed ejecting beams let spraying materials (garnet sand, copper ore sand, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, amomum longiligulare) with high-speed jet on the workpiece surface which need to deal with, to change the appearance or shape of the outside surface of the workpiece surface, due to the impact and cutting action of grinding material on the workpiece surface, make the surface of the workpiece get cleanliness and some different roughness, improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, therefore improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of coating and extended the durability of the coating, also is advantageous the levelling and decorate of the coating.

The main application range of sand blasting?

  1. sand blasting before plating or bonding of the workpiece.
  2. cleaning and polishing the rough surface after heat treatment of the workpiece.
  3. Burrs cleaning and surface beautification after the workpiece is machined.
  4. Improving the mechanical properties of parts.
  5. Finishing effect for some special purpose of workpiece.

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