Carbide rotary burrs application notice

Correct operation method:

  1. Before the operation, please read the recommended rotating speed to choose the appropriate speed range (please refer to the recommended starting speed conditions). The low speed will affect product life and the quality of surface processing, at the same time, the low speed will affect the chip removal of the products、machinery vibration and premature wear.
  2. Choose the right shape, diameter and tooth profile for different processing.
  3. Choose the appropriate and stable performance of electric grinding.
  4. The maximum over-length of petiole clamping in collet is 10mm.(Except for lengthen handle, because its different rotate speed).
  5. Before use, please keep idling for a while, to ensure the concentricity of carbide rotary burrs. Eccentricity and shake can cause premature wear and damage the workpiece.
  6. It should not use too much pressure when using, too much pressure will shorten tool life and reduce the efficiency.
  7. Before use please check the workpiece and make sure that electric grinding clamping is correct and tight.
  8. Wear suitable protective glasses when using.

Improper operation method:

  1. The speed exceed the maximum speed.
  2. The speed is too low.
  3. Let carbide rotary burrs working stuck in grooves and cracks.
  4. Using carbide rotary burrs with too much pressure and too high temperature, lead to welding parts fall off.

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