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carbide rotary burrs

Carbide rotary burrs application notice Correct operation method: Before the operation, please read the recommended rotating speed to choose the appropriate speed range (please refer to the recommended starting speed conditions). The low speed will affect product life and the quality of surface processing, at the same time, the low speed will affect the chip […]

What is the sand blasting? Sand blasting is using compressed air as the power, in order to form high speed ejecting beams let spraying materials (garnet sand, copper ore sand, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, amomum longiligulare) with high-speed jet on the workpiece surface which need to deal with, to change the appearance or shape of the outside surface of the workpiece […]

China tungsten carbide grade

China tungsten carbide grade chemical composition and main performance category grade correspond to ISO grade chemical component(mass fraction)(%) density hardness bending strength impact toughness j/cm2 WC TiC TaC Co other g/cm³ HRA MPa (NbC) WC-Co YG3X K01 96.5 – <0.5 3 – 15.0-15.3 91.5 1100 – YG3 K01 97 – – 3 – 15.0-15.3 91 […]