carbide sand blasting nozzle

  • carbide sand blasting nozzle
  • carbide sand blasting nozzle
  • carbide sand blasting nozzle
  • carbide sand blasting nozzle

carbide nozzles/ carbide sand blast nozzles / sand jet / nozzle tip / industrial spray nozzle / pulse nozzle


Carbide sand blasting nozzle

Appellation: Carbide sand blasting nozzle
Main Materials: Cemented carbide
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples, customize grade.
OEM: OEM is available
Brands: GUBT
Logo:  GUBT or as customer request
Color: Primary

Technological process of production of our carbide sand blasting nozzle: powder process → formula according to the use requirements → wet grinding → mixing → smash → dry → sieving → add binder → dry again → get the mixture after sieving → pelletize → pressing → forming → sinter-hip → forming (blank) → cylindrical grinding → dimension check → packaging → entering warehouse.

Carbide sand blasting nozzle has characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance. We need use the carbide sand blasting nozzle with sand-blasting machine together in rust cleaning and polishing of metals machinery and casting, the sculpture of glass art, abrasive blasting and so on. It is mainly used for the surface sand blasting, rust removal, decontamination treatment of ships, bridges, water conservancy, machinery, chemical industry, container, pipeline and other large equipment and spare parts. It also used for surface treatment in the field of aircraft, ship, automobile, bridges, construction, railway and painting works, and the surface treatment of denim. 

Sandblaster is use the high-pressure air as a power producer to drive the abrasive particles striking an object with big impulse force in a certain range. The role of carbide sand blasting nozzle is to let the abrasive particles uniform and efficient eject on the object. It can be divided into: straight bore sand blasting nozzles, venturi sand blasting nozzles, dual venturi sand blasting nozzles, and angled nozzles.

When used, when choosing tungsten carbide grade, we should according to the characteristic of material and the working conditions to choose the right grade, to meet specific application requirements.

carbide sand blasting nozzle performance table
Name carbide sand blasting nozzle
Grade Main Chemical Compositions Density T.R.S Mpa Hardness HRA
YG3X 97 3 15.20 g/cm3 1300 N/mm2 92.5
YG6X 94 6 15.00 g/cm3 1800 N/mm2 91.5
YG6 94 6 14.95 g/cm3 1900 N/mm2 90.5
YG8 92 8 14.80 g/cm3 2200 N/mm2 89.5
YG10 90 10 14.50 g/cm3 2400 N/mm2 89
YG15 85 15 14.00 g/cm3 2800 N/mm2 87.5

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