tungsten carbide seal rings

  • tungsten carbide seal rings
  • tungsten carbide seal rings
  • tungsten carbide seal rings
  • tungsten carbide seal rings

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Tungsten carbide seal rings

Appellation: tungsten carbide seal rings
Main Materials: Tungsten carbide
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples, customize grade.
OEM: OEM is available
Brands: GUBT
Logo:  GUBT or as customer request
Color: Primary

Technological process of production of tungsten carbide seal rings: powder process → formula according to the use requirements → wet grinding → mixing → smash → dry → sieving → add binder → dry again → get the mixture after sieving → pelletize → pressing → forming → sintering → forming (blank) → blanks checking → end face grinding → cylindrical coarse grinding → internal fine grinding → cylindrical fine grinding → chamfering → grooving → polishing → cleaning → dimension check → packaging → entering warehouse.

Tungsten carbide seal rings are heavy to the touch and hard like silicon carbide. Due to high modulus of elasticity, these rings are suitable for high pressure applications, which prevent face distortion. It’s mainly used as mechanical seal faces in pumps, compressors and agitators. These are also used in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer Plants, and drugs/pharmaceutical Industries.

Tungsten carbide seal rings generally made with Cobalt as binder material or Nickel as binder material. they are developed to withstand high temperature, high pressure & highly corrosive chemical attack. We can supply tungsten carbide seal rings in various shapes like Plain Ring, DA type, T-shape, L-shape and in shapes as per customers requirement.

When used, when choosing tungsten carbide grade, we should according to the working conditions to choose the right carbide grade, to meet specific application requirements.

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Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings Categories
Type Drawing Dimension
D d H
normal seal rings tungsten carbide seal rings 10 – 350 3 – 300 2 – 80
seal rings with outer shoulder tungsten carbide seal rings
seal rings with inner shoulder tungsten carbide seal rings
seal rings with inner shoulder and outer shoulder tungsten carbide seal rings
seal rings  with groove tungsten carbide seal rings
other seal rings tungsten carbide seal rings
Grade Composition Carbide Seal Rings Technical Parameter Using Performance Recommended Applications
WC Co Ni Ti Density Hardness T.R.S Heat Expansion Co-efficient
% % % % g/cm3 HRA Mpa
YG6 94 4 14.7 – 15.0 ≥90.0 1850 5 With good wear resistance, middling strength and impact toughness. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical seal, and other fields
YG8 92 8 14.5 – 14.9 ≥89.0 1900 5.1 With good wear resistance, higher strength and impact toughness.
YN6 94 4 14.7 – 14.9 ≥90.0 1760 5.2 With high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Applicable to oil, water, acid-base, grease, liquefied hydrocarbon, and the medium that including grain, and other bad working conditions.
YN8 92 8 14.4 – 14.8 ≥89.0 1800 5.3 With good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
YT10 90 10 13.5 – 14.0 ≥88.5 1950 4.8 With good hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Applicable to ordinary mechanical seals.
YT30 75 25 12.5 – 13.0 ≥88.5 1700 4.9 With high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, but the bending resistance is poorer.

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